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Yoga Classes

Beginners and level 1 yoga class

The yoga classes are normally held at:

St John Ambulance hall, Meadow Lane, off Candlemas Lane, Beaconsfield HP9 1AL

Tuesday mornings, 9:30am till 10:45am


If you have never done yoga before or its been a while this class will give you the foundations and confidence to start and continue your journey in the world of yoga.

Social distancing:

With not being able to teach at the SJA hall while we are socialising distancing, there will be two yoga online classes via Zoom, Tuesday & Thursday’s 9:30am till 10:30am.

Please get in touch for more details.


  • Wear loose comfortable clothing (please note that yoga is done in bare feet)
  • Yoga or non slip exercise mat (there are a few spare but better to have your own)
  • Foam blocks & bricks (supplied)
  • Yoga strap (supplied)
  • Blanket or warm clothing for relaxation
  • During social distancing if you haven’t got any props to hand, you can you use alternatives,
    Foam blocks – Books
    Strap – Dressing gown belt or tie

As a novice to yoga, Marita has been an excellent teacher. She explains things thoroughly and her clear instructions and demonstration make everything easy to follow. The relaxed environment really puts everyone at ease to enjoy the classes. Thank you


I’ve been attending Marita’s beginners and improvers class for over a year.  I’ve also attended one to one tuition with her.  I feel uplifted after a yoga class with Marita. She ensures you are doing each pose correctly by giving careful instructions, and she also ensures each class is an enjoyable event


“Marita has a thorough and well explained approach to her classes meaning the why and the how are made absolutely clear. Since beginning my Yoga journey under her guidance I have become captivated!”


’Marita’s classes are fun yet very professional. She always has a plan for the class and is fastidious about getting into holds correctly and without harm to our bodies. The classes are interesting and varied with great explanations as to why we are doing particular moves. My core strength and flexibility has definitely improved over several months and ongoing irritation in an achilles tendon has now resolved. Thank you Marita!’


“I would thoroughly recommend Marita’s classes. She has the right blend of encouragement, humour and ‘tough love’ to challenge your comfort zone and give you an absolute workout in a warm friendly environment. She makes sure that everyone is given individual help when they need it”.


I have only recently joined Marita’s class but even after years of practicing yoga with various teachers I can honestly say I am learning new ways to enter a posture.  I am finding muscles I have obviously not been working before and am thoroughly enjoying the class.